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Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day

Enjoy 50% Discount on Mother's Love Set Meal

We understand you have to stay home and celebrate Mother's Day with you loving mommy to stay safe. So we have made 2 special Mother's Love set menu for you to order and share with your mum and loved one at home.

Want to enjoy a 50% discount on the Mother's Love set menu? Just take a photo with your mum, write a tagline and Whatsapp to us via MPC Hotline 012-7118342. Together with your orders, of course. You have until Sunday 10 May (Mother's Day) 3pm to make your order and enjoy the discount.

We made it a week of Mother's Love because one day is not enough to express all she has done. So you have a week to give your mum another treat or two. Only usual 20% members discount valid during this week.

Love your mum

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